Use Cases



More applications thanks to multilingualism
Pre-qualification of applicants through interactive video
Relief for the specialist department thanks to automated processing of applicant data

Multilingualism is a real challenge in the recruiting sector. We are revolutionizing the recruiting process at ISS. By targeting candidates in their native language, we reach potential candidates worldwide and thus optimally meet the needs of the company.

Membership recruitment

More members through multilingualism
Communicating the benefits of membership in a low-threshold way

PRO-GE, Austria's largest workers' union, is expanding its membership base with the help of digital assistants.

The multilingual videos communicate the benefits of union membership in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Our solution makes it possible to communicate the messages concisely in different languages, thus expanding PRO-GE's reach and addressing a diverse target group.

Multilingual presidential communication

Multilingual dissemination of information by the digital assistant of the President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

The digital assistant of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, which also masters the personal voice of the President, enables efficient and multilingual communication of events, announcements and similar information to the target group.

The assistant thus represents an innovative solution for interacting with the target group in a timely and accessible manner, taking different languages into account.

Job interview

Automated job interviews without language barriers! Our digital assistants enable efficient, multilingual job interviews of the highest quality. Automation takes the pressure off the HR department and creates barrier-free communication that is available around the clock. We open up a global talent pool for you!

The logical addition to the recruiting example above!

The first BMW i7

The first BMW i7 presented by our digital assistant exclusively for the BMW Press Club.

In five different languages, we guide you through the fascinating details of this masterpiece. Our digital assistants provide a first-class product explanation, enhance the customer experience and support sales with comprehensive information and interactive features.

TV & Streaming 2.0

Hourly updates on news, weather and much more.
In over 60 languages & fully automated!

Weather service

Discover our state-of-the-art, fully automated and multilingual weather service. Hourly updated, automatically updated weather data is available to recipients in various languages - around the clock. Classic weather moderation paired with interactive elements to select the regional weather report in the desired language.


News broadcasts can be presented by digital assistants in several languages.

With Digital Hunter, you can automatically create up-to-the-minute news broadcasts in several languages from daily events.

Language and comprehension problems with forms.
How digital assistants can help!

Our digital assistants are experts in simplifying the completion of forms. We can provide support in filling out forms in a wide range of areas. For example, in the municipal sector with forms for allocating places in nurseries, but also in banking or with insurance applications.

We offer step-by-step support in the native language of the person completing the form.

Municipal service

Using the example of a town's kindergarten place allocation.

Banks & Insurances

Using the example of a leasing offer.

Explain your products or services in an impressive way!

With our digital assistants, we offer you the opportunity to explain content patiently, repeatedly if required and in the listener's native language. This makes communication with your customers easier and more comprehensible than ever before. Discover a wide range of examples of explanatory content below.

When the beer begins to speak ...

Friends of beer are presented with the award-winning vintage winners in their native language. Let yourself be seduced into the fascinating world of beer & discover an incomparable variety.

Digital assistants provide excellent product explanations and improve the customer experience with comprehensive information and interactive functions.

Gardening tips from organic gardener Karl Ploberger

The renowned organic gardener Karl Ploberger reaches his customers across Europe with his personalized digital assistant, which provides gardening tips in a variety of languages.

For example, he provides instructions for successful gardening without the use of chemicals or toxins.

Discover our wide range of other possible applications

Education & Training

Our digital assistants enable independent training courses in various languages. We offer an optional knowledge check at the end to ensure that participants have understood the content. This service is particularly popular in the field of occupational safety.

Car configurator

Experience the fascinating advantages of video interactivity with our car configurator. Select the elements of the car and you will receive detailed explanations in different languages. In this way, we create a playful customer experience. The recipients take over the direction!

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks make it possible to consume content digitally and in multiple languages on site, relieving the burden on customer centers and reception desks, among others. In the hotel industry, they offer a convenient and fast 24/7 check-in process that relieves the hotel reception desk. Our digital assistants ensure a first-class customer experience by providing extensive information and can support almost all processes with the necessary interactivity. You can also overcome human language barriers by using digital assistants.

Education sector

In regions with a shortage of teachers, we can provide students with high-quality teaching and effectively support teaching operations - for example through digital, multilingual lectures.

Digital postcard

Tourists can easily create their own unique postcard with a simple QR code scan and a personal photo. This card can be sent directly to friends and family or shared on social media to share special moments with loved ones. Recipients will automatically receive the card in their local language, allowing them to immerse themselves in the culture.

Bug fixes

Discover the low-threshold solution to error messages with digital assistants who provide clear instructions in several languages. All you need to do is place QR codes on the devices. Instead of laboriously reading pages of text, customers can simply follow the solution via video and get help easily and conveniently. Immerse yourself in innovative, simple and efficient troubleshooting that overcomes language barriers and improves the customer experience.