A new way of communicating

The world speaks many languages, we speak them all!

Our multilingual assistants make it easy and uncomplicated to overcome previous communication barriers.

They optimize customer support, facilitate education, help with translations, increase efficiency, relieve existing staff, replace missing specialists and promote access to information in over 70 languages.

Experience the wide range of possible applications of our interactive and competent assistants, who convey your content attractively and patiently.

Welcome to the future of digital communication


Discover how digital, multilingual assistants can support existing staff and replace missing specialists. Find out how our innovative solution can support you in a wide range of areas. The future of communication starts now!

Membership recruitment

More members through multilingualism
Communicating the benefits of membership in a low-threshold way

PRO-GE, Austria's largest workers' union, is expanding its membership base with the help of digital assistants.

The multilingual videos communicate the benefits of union membership in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Our solution makes it possible to communicate the messages concisely in different languages, thus expanding PRO-GE's reach and addressing a diverse target group.


More applications thanks to multilingualism
Pre-qualification of applicants through interactive video
Relief for the specialist department thanks to automated processing of applicant data

Multilingualism is a real challenge in the recruiting sector. We are revolutionizing the recruiting process at ISS. By targeting candidates in their native language, we reach potential candidates worldwide and thus optimally meet the needs of the company.


Discover the wealth of different areas in which we can support you! Our solutions focus on your needs and challenges and help you to master them successfully.

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The new way of communicating

From passive to active: interactive video content

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Traditional video production

Great, but also slow

  • Buchungsaufwand von Schauspiel-, Filmteams und Studios
  • Teure Agenturen anheuern
  • Keine Interaktivität mit Rezipierenden
  • Anpassungen sind langwierig und kostspielig
  • Analog und eindimendsional

Video production with Digital Hunter

Interactive and inclusive

  • Preiswerte Videoproduktion
  • Zuseherinnen und Zuseher führen selbst Regie
  • Mehrsprachigkeit und Interaktivität
  • Rasche und preiswerte Anpassungen aus einer Hand
  • Dynamischer und KI-gesteuerter Content

Our values

Quality, security and innovation

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Customized service



For professionals


€ 130,-

pro Monat
  • Custom video duration
  • Custom interactions
  • 60 languages
  • Custrom duration
  • Hosting on your own servers
  • ISO certified translation
  • Custom start workshop

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For advanced users


€ 5.5,-

€ 458,- / minute video
  • In addition to the Basic package:
  • Multiple choice interactions
  • 3 European Languages
  • Another 6 months term included
  • ISO certified translation
  • 0.5 hour starting workshop

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