The power and potential of interactive videos in digital communication

Unleashing engagement: The Power and Potential of Interactive Video in Digital Communications

In an era where engagement and connectivity are top priorities, interactive video is proving to be a transformative tool that offers organizations an unparalleled opportunity to captivate and connect diverse audiences globally. From overcoming language barriers to fostering immersive experiences, let's dive into the world of interactive video, exploring its definition, impact and impressive examples.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video is a dynamic visual narrative that actively engages viewers and invites them to interact with the content through various touch points, choices or actions. It surpasses traditional passive viewing and invites users to participate and shape the viewing experience. From clickable elements to decision-based storylines, interactive video provides a channel for two-way communication that encourages deeper engagement and understanding.

Explore the impact

Improved engagement: Interactive video engages audiences through an immersive experience, leading to increased viewer attention and longer viewing times. The ability to intervene in the action keeps interest high.

Improved learning and knowledge retention: Research shows that interactive elements in videos improve knowledge retention, making learning more effective and enjoyable. Interactivity increases understanding of complex content.

Global networking: Language barriers dissolve as interactive videos enable multilingual experiences and make content accessible to diverse audiences. This gives companies the opportunity to reach a broader international target group.

Examples that show the potential

Membership recruitment: Imagine expanding your membership base with engaging multilingual videos that communicate the benefits and advantages of membership. Marketing teams can gain insights to broaden their audience diversity. A personalized experience boosts conversion rates.

Product presentations: Presenting a cutting-edge product like the BMW i7 in different languages using digital assistants provides potential customers with an immersive experience that increases engagement and understanding. Creative staging leads to an emotional connection.

Recruiting: Using interactive videos in multilingual recruiting processes simplifies candidate interaction and makes the hiring process more efficient and accessible across language barriers. A personal and informative application experience improves candidate quality.

Interactive videos are not only an emerging tool in digital communication, but also a powerful tool to break barriers and reach a global audience. Their ability to increase engagement, improve learning and provide creative experiences is undeniable.

The examples showthat interactive videos are not just a way to present content, but a way to build an emotional connection and provide a deeper understanding. From membership recruitment to international product showcasing, they offer a level of customization and participation that is essential in the digital era.

In an increasingly globalized world, interactive videos offer a unique opportunity to create connections and communicate across borders. Its potential is limitless and its role in digital communication will undoubtedly continue to grow in importance as companies look for new ways to connect and interact with their target audience.

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Membership recruitment

More members through multilingualism
Communicating the benefits of membership in a low-threshold way

PRO-GE, Austria's largest workers' union, is expanding its membership base with the help of digital assistants.

The multilingual videos communicate the benefits of union membership in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Our solution makes it possible to communicate the messages concisely in different languages, thus expanding PRO-GE's reach and addressing a diverse target group.


More applications thanks to multilingualism
Pre-qualification of applicants through interactive video
Relief for the specialist department thanks to automated processing of applicant data

Multilingualism is a real challenge in the recruiting sector. We are revolutionizing the recruiting process at ISS. By targeting candidates in their native language, we reach potential candidates worldwide and thus optimally meet the needs of the company.


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